Last Words

16-year-old Claire is walking across a bridge when a good-looking young man approaches. He's laughing, on his cellphone. Then, when she get close, he reaches out, hands her his phone, says, "I'm sorry" then climbs over the railing and jumps.

This profound novel is rich in diverse characters that illustrate what it is to live fully in this world.

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Last Words

Just A Kid

One morning, Meerin Hoy finds out the community's beloved park is up for development. Meerin is determined to act, but is told she is "just a kid."

Just a Kid is a timely novel for young readers to learn about the possibilities of influencing the adult world, even when it seems no one wants to listen.

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Just A Kid

Larkin on the Shore

Larkin Day is a messed up 15-year-old. She just escaped a nasty Grade 10 year to spend summer with her grandmother in seaside Nova Scotia.

She gets involved in a local project until someone attempts to destroy it. Larkin is forced to figure out a way to expose the criminal while keeping her life from coming off the rails again.

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Larkin on the Shore

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