Shield Country: The Life and Times of the Oldest Piece of the Planet
Jamie Bastedo
Nature / Ecology
276 pages • 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 • 20–page full–color section
ISBN 0–88995–191–8 paper • CDN 22.95 • USA 18.95

The Canadian Shield is a distinct ecological region that forms the evergreen, granite-studded crown stretching across two–thirds of North America. In size, it approximates western Europe with one percent the number of people. A satellite view of the region on a winter's night shows tiny, widely scattered blips of light–islands of human settlement adrift in a sea of subarctic wilderness. In age, the shield's primeval bedrock dates to the beginning of earthly time. Shield Country unfolds a fascinating story of unrivaled Precambrian geology, of wild rivers and millions of pristine lakes, of an ecological junction where subarctic and arctic climates, plants, birds, and mammals weave a richly textured wilderness fabric.

"A delightfully insightful account of the Canadian Shield's last four billion years."
Arctic Magazine

"The author situates himself in the landscape with passion, immediacy and refreshingly sharp powers of observation."
Canadian Geographic